MHK disain for KFC and Vapiano


Hi there, I am Mari-Heleen Kurikka and I have been creating designs for Vapiano Finland and Baltcis for the last 4 years. My relationship with Vapiano is long and started at 2011, I have worked for Vapiano in various restaurants (EST, GER and FIN) and from 2014 to 2019 I was the general manager in Mikonkatu Vapiano.

I have studied multimedia and photography, so my skills include: web design, video and animation design, photography, videography and much more. Mostly these days I do all creative print and animated designs for all Baltic and Finnish Vapianos.

I know Vapiano by heart and I have also now worked for KFC, by creating website for them and various ads that are needed for the website (web banners, or opening statements).

I am much more than just a designer. I help Vapiano with creative ideas daily, I have a wide knowledge of the business side too and I am good in communicating in 3 languages – English, Estonian and Finnish. I like to play with open cards and I am very honest in what I do, that’s one of the things people like about working with me. My previous employers describe me as trustworthy, outgoing employee and I never miss a deadline.


I have created the Vapiano websites for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Also some smaller sites like teamtalor for Finland or HR website for Estonian Vapiano (old design). 
Also I created the new temporary website for KFC in Finland. 

Click on image to open site.

Designs (static)

Print, newspapers, restaurant stands, big billboards, escalators, window stickers, flags – I have done it all and according to the collaboration needs. 


This video includes animations also done for other clients too, but it has also Vapiano in it. 

Play Video about Video_placeholder


I help Vapiano with various photoshoots that are not organised by Headquarters, this means special dishes or campaigns. Usually every photoshoot has a theme – like seafood specials, or autumn and “homelike” feels etc. 

Drinks and atmosphere photos of Vapiano

Sometimes it is necessary to create just images from atmosphere or drinks.
I have created thousands of photos of various situations, here are just a few of them.

Vapiano restaurant visuals

HQ does not provide photos of local restaurants, therefore I create them if needed.
Usually this is for shopping centres, press and social media.

Vapiano events

Sometimes an opening, sometimes just a party – when ever it was needed, I came to take photos of the event for press or just for HR to show off the exciting life in Vapiano.

Instagram social media feed look for VAPIANO on 2018-2019
(My images + Vapiano germany images)

This is a layout of when I managed Vapiano Instagram. It includes a lot of my own photos and HQ photos. My idea was to show the diversity of Vapiano – it is a place for everyone. By doing various campaigns (for free) on Facebook I managed to grow Vapiano Finland page by +10 000 new people in less than 8 months. 

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